Seungri name drops G-Dragon at an international event

Seungri name drops G-Dragon at an international event

Article: ‘Burning Sun’ Seungri tryhards at international event like always “I’ll bring G-Dragon here someday”

Source: Top Star News via Nate

[+123, -0] It’s because these people are not properly prosecuted that they feel brazen enough to behave like this… our pathetic laws

[+14, -0] He’s going to get it one day… You would think that he would try to lay low after coming out of such a big scandal like that, but he’s so immature!

[+12, -0] He’s so unfortunate… ruins himself like this every time…

[+6, -0] He doesn’t get it still… even after selling his entire family out on TV for his ramen business or whatever

[+1, -0] He’s teeny tiny ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+1, -0] He’s acting like nothing ever happened

[+1, -0] What a mental after screwing over YG and Big Bang the way he did

[+1, -0] He must still be close with GD. I knew it.

[+0, -0] I can already see GD getting mad at how ridiculous he’s being..

[+0, -0] Confirmed for 9 different charges, but out of jail in a year… seems like the movies and dramas aren’t just a fairy tale. Power, wealth, connections are what’s allowing this young ba$tard to act like this. 

[+0, -0] GD will no longer hang out with the likes of you

[+0, -0] You trying to drag GD down with you?

[+0, -0] I remember how little presence he had all throughout Big Bang… tsk tsk tsk

[+0, -0] How does he get older and yet is still bheaving like this… tsk tsk

[+0, -0] Jung Junyoung got a 5-year sentence and is coming out in two months… why didn’t Seungri get longer?

[+0, -0] Disgusting that he could commit all those crimes and still be out like this…

[+0, -0] 9 charges but only 1 year 6 months in jail… ㅋ

[+0, -0] Imagine how laughable he must view the world and all its consequences after getting out the way he did ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+0, -0] He looks like a pathetic little child who stole his father’s tux and has no sense of self control because he’s simmering with resentment at all those who are better than him… It’s clear that no one around him has ever given him the truth.

[+0, -0] Anything in life is achievable with a mental like his

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